3 Signs You May Have Raccoons In Your Attic

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that are known for being crafty dumpster divers. They may seem comical or even cute, but not if they invade your home. Raccoons are considered pests for several reasons. They carry various diseases. Raccoons are messy creatures that scratch, shred and destroy almost everything they come into contact with. It’s important… Continue reading 3 Signs You May Have Raccoons In Your Attic

Winter pest control tips

There is something for everyone to love about winter, pests included. As it gets colder outside, we all like to spend more time inside, including pests. The following is a list of unwanted pests that you need to keep your eyes on. Carpenter Ants It’s common to believe that once summer is over, all your… Continue reading Winter pest control tips

How to catch a rat

It’s weird how rats and mice are often portrayed as cute in movies and cartoons. But cute doesn’t mean safe. Rats are truly dangerous pests. When a rat shows up in your kitchen, bedroom, or garage, you take every measure to get rid of it. It’s critical to catch a rat before it contaminates your… Continue reading How to catch a rat

How to protect your home from summer pests

Protecting your home from bugs during the summer months is no small feat. No matter where you live, summertime means one thing bug season. Bugs thrive in the summer, and they also breed in the summer, so it is imperative to protect your house from pests. Chinch bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, lovebugs, stink bugs and are just… Continue reading How to protect your home from summer pests

How to keep rats away

The personified cartoon rodents we see on television are so dangerously cute because they play games, talk, and even save the day. However, real rats are a whole different story; they carry diseases, damage electrical wiring, gnaw through walls and an honest problem in the home. If eating our food and chewing through our valuables… Continue reading How to keep rats away