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Can You Get Rid of Roaches With Bleach? [Everything You Should Know]

Are you planning to use bleach to kill cockroaches in your home? It’s unsurprising that many homeowners consider bleach a possible pest control solution. But, you might want to reconsider after reading the true answer to the question: “Can you get rid of roaches with bleach?”

You cannot get rid of roaches with bleach. Bleach is a cleaning supply, but it isn’t a pest control chemical.

Since pesticides have a nasty reputation for having harmful chemicals, we often look for household items such as bleach to solve our pest problems.

Many people consider bleach one solution to get rid of cockroaches inside the home. So, it’s not surprising that bleach is often used as a DIY pest control measure. Bleach is used to get rid of some of the most common pests, from bed bugs to cockroaches.

Can bleach get rid of roaches?

Bleach can kill roaches the same way any other liquid would by drowning. Although bleach is an effective chemical for cleaning, it doesn’t kill cockroaches. In fact, bleach is an ineffective chemical for pest control.

If you want to kill cockroaches, don’t use bleach. Not only that bleach isn’t an insecticide, but it also has a pungent smell. Therefore, roaches won’t go near the stuff if they can help it. Consequently, bleach doesn’t work as bait.

You can only kill cockroaches with bleach if you drown them in the chemical. Imagine having hundreds or thousands of nasty roaches in your home; how much bleach would it take to kill them all?

Unfortunately, bleach isn’t a practical pest control solution. Fortunately, there are more effective ways of killing roaches. None of them require bleach.

And to make bleach an even worse choice for killing roaches, think about the damage it can cause in your home. Bleach is highly corrosive. Therefore, it can easily damage any surface. And because bleach doesn’t stick to roaches like insecticides, they won’t ingest it from grooming or spread it to other pests.

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Does bleach kill roaches?

Bleach will kill some roaches, but it shouldn’t be used as an alternative to a pesticide. Sure, bleach will kill some roaches, but it’s not made to be a bug killer.

And because bleach is a toxin, it can be dangerous to your health. For example, bleach exposure could result in mouth, eye, skin, and respiratory system irritation.

For bleach to kill roaches, it has to come in contact with each bug. But that’s more than impossible. For, you will never see most roaches living inside your home.

Instead of bleach, you need to use an insecticide that kills roaches even if they don’t come in direct contact with the stuff.

Can a roach survive bleach?

Most roaches living inside your home will survive bleach. That’s because bleach will only kill a roach if it comes in contact with the chemical. But, most cockroaches inside your home will never come in direct contact with bleach.

That’s the reason bleach isn’t an effective pest control solution. Bleach is an effective cleaning product, but you need insecticides to kill roaches.

How long does it take bleach to kill a cockroach?

If you want to use bleach to kill all the cockroaches in your home, it will take forever. Chlorine bleach can act as a deterrent, but it’s not an effective method for getting rid of roaches.

The corrosive properties of bleach can indeed kill a cockroach. But bleach only kills roaches if they directly contact the chemical.

It won’t work unless you catch each individual cockroach (there may be thousands inside an infested home) and soak or drown every one of them in bleach. Clearly, bleach won’t work.

Does bleach kill cockroaches instantly?

Bleach doesn’t kill cockroaches instantly. Boric acid or pesticides will get rid of roaches. They are designed to eliminate pests from your home.

Does bleach kill roaches in the drain?

Bleach will kill roaches in the drain only if they come in direct contact. Unfortunately, bleach can release toxic fumes and cause potential health issues. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use bleach to fight cockroaches.

You shouldn’t even use bleach in your drains as a preventative measure. Bleach should never be poured down a sink, toilet, or drain.

But if you see a roach trying to escape through the sink drain, close your sink stopper and fill the sink. Once filled with water (not bleach), let the water flush the pipes clean with the roach.

You can also run water through the sink for a couple of minutes if you see a cockroach running inside the drain pipe. Then, run hot water for a few seconds down the drain.

Another effective method, still without bleach, is to use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Make sure you use an equal amount of each ingredient. Once you have poured down the mixture down the drain, close it for five minutes. Then, follow up with some hot water.

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Does bleach kill roach eggs?

Bleach can kill roach eggs. The biggest reason bleach shouldn’t be used to kill roach eggs is that it won’t work unless the roach eggs come in direct contact with bleach.

Since roaches hide their eggs, bleach won’t kill them. Instead of bleach, you should use an insecticide made to get rid of cockroach eggs.

Does bleach kill roaches on contact?

Bleach kills roaches on contact. Unfortunately, bleach won’t work unless it comes in contact with bugs.

Does bleach kill roaches outside?

Bleach doesn’t kill roaches outside. If anything, bleach is even less effective outside than inside. While you can use bleach inside as a cockroach deterrent, it won’t work outside.

The smell of bleach is not nearly as pungent outdoors as it is indoors. So not only bleach doesn’t kill roaches outside, it doesn’t even work as a deterrent there.

Instead of bleach, use the following pest control methods to get rid of roaches outside:

Clean up to eliminate food sources, hiding, and nesting places. Use trash cans with secure lids outdoors. Limite water sources by emptying birdbaths, pots and puddles.

Use roach bait to make sure roaches don’t enter your home. It’s best to place bait stations next to fences, walls, the foundation, or ledges.

Place sticky traps outdoors. They will help you kill roaches and identify cockroach routes.

Spray pesticide to get rid of roaches immediately. One of the biggest benefits of spraying for bugs is killing roaches on contact. Another benefit is that spraying is a long-lasting pest control solution because some roach sprays can last several months.

How long does it take bleach to kill roaches?

Bleach doesn’t kill roaches immediately. The only way would bleach kill a roach immediately is by drowning.

Does bleach work as roach bait?

Bleach doesn’t work as roach bait. It’s a strong house cleaning agent, so many homeowners think that it would be effective bait, but it isn’t.

If you want to use bait to get rid of roaches, you can’t use bleach. Instead of bleach, you should use traditional baits. Diatomaceous earth is the most effective natural bait.

An effective bait would attract roaches, but bleach does the exact opposite. Bleach is a roach deterrent, meaning cockroaches will avoid areas that smell like bleach.

Bleach doesn’t transfer from one roach to another, making it even less effective.

Does bleach destroy roach nests?

Even though you shouldn’t use bleach to kill roaches, you can use it to clean a roach nest. After you’ve discovered cockroaches inside your home, you can clean the infested areas.

Bleach is an outstanding cleaning agent, and it will help deter pests from entering your home. Unfortunately, the bleach smell will only last for a few days. So, if you want to continue to deter roaches from entering your house, you will need to reapply bleach every few days.

But, because of its corrosive qualities, bleach can destroy plastic, metal and wood surfaces.

What is bleach, and should it be used as an insecticide?

If you want to use bleach to kill cockroaches, you should know why it’s not the best choice.

Bleach is a chemical compound used for cleaning. It’s made by mixing caustic soda, chlorine, and water. Although bleach has anti-microbial and whitening properties, it’s not an insecticide.

There are many types of bleaches on the market. Each type of bleach is formulated for different uses. In the home, bleach is used to sanitize floors, whiten clothes, and toilet bowls, remove stains, whiten hair, and eliminate mold and mildew.

The disinfecting property of bleach makes this chemical an excellent pool sanitizer.

Household bleach is sold in a powdered and liquid form. Sodium hypochlorite is a dilute solution in water with a greenish-yellow color. But chlorinated lime or bleaching powder is a white powder.

Bleach leaves a strong and unpleasant chemical odor that lingers for days. And it is the pungent smell that makes bleach an excellent roach deterrent.

How to stay safe when using bleach?

Bleach can technically kill cockroaches, but when mixed with some cleaners or chemicals, it can create toxic gasses that may cause lung damage and other health issues. You shouldn’t use bleach to get rid of roaches because it poses more risk to humans than cockroaches.

How to handle bleach?

Bleach is a highly corrosive cleaner. If you work with the chemical without proper protection, such as gloves, it can irritate your eyes and skin. If your skin comes in contact with bleach, you should wash it off immediately. As much as possible, use appropriate tools and protection gears while working on your solution.

Ingestion of bleach

Bleach is an oxidizing agent. If accidentally ingested by your pet or any family member, it is important to immediately provide the victim with enough milk or drinking water to dilute the chemical.

Bleach can burn the stomach, mouth, and esophagus of the person who drank the solution. Depending on the strength of the solution and amount of the liquid ingested, adverse effects range from delirium, vomiting, coma, and even death.

Inhalation of bleach

As mentioned above, the chemical gives off a strong smell that can linger for several days. Exposure to this odor may lead to stinging eyes. Perhaps that’s the reason roaches hate it so much.

If you continue working with the chemical while disregarding the importance of wearing a mask, exposure may lead to a burning throat, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. It has also been strongly discouraging to mix bleach with Pine-Sol as it can lead to the production of chlorine gas which can be extremely poisonous.

It is best if you can use bleach in a well-ventilated area. Opening the windows in the middle of a Fairbanks, AK, winter or a Scottsdale, AZ, summer may not be practical if you intend to use bleach as your pest control home remedy.

What you should know when using bleach to kill cockroaches

Bleach is technically capable of killing roaches. But, it’s not the right solution to eliminate roaches from your home. Bleach is more practical to be used as a cockroach repellent.

It is only effective in killing cockroaches that you can catch. Most of the roaches will remain safely hidden in the corners and crevices of your home.

Furthermore, bleach can pose a serious risk to the health of not just yourself but also your family and pets.

Unless you are willing to strictly observe all of the safety precautions mentioned above, it is strongly recommended to consider other options for eliminating cockroaches.

Conclusion: Can bleach kill cockroaches?

You can kill cockroaches with bleach, but you shouldn’t. Bleach is more of a roach deterrent than an effective roach killer. Don’t use bleach to get rid of cockroaches.

There are much more effective pest control methods for eliminating roaches from your home. Instead of bleach, use roach bait or bug spray to remove them from your home.