mousetraps outdoors


Outdoor mouse traps provide quick results. Trapping outdoors is an effective way to control mice before they enter your home. Outdoor trapping combined with mouse repellent keeps mice outside and it’s especially effective with small infestations. Where to place mousetraps outdoors? If you are having mice outdoors, you should place mousetraps in areas where they …

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no kill mousetrap

Are no kill mousetraps effective?

No-kill traps for mice are effective. If you are looking for a humane mousetrap, consider a no-kill mousetrap. The no-kill traps offer a humane way to catch mice without killing them. A no-kill mousetrap is also more effective than a mouse repellent. No-kill mousetraps work by luring the mouse inside on one side of the …

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catch a mouse

How to catch a mouse

House mice are very problematic to home and business properties. Mice are capable of spreading disease and parasites to people and their pets. They often ruin food items by chewing through the packaging. And mice droppings are a source of contamination. In addition, mice can cause costly damage to your home’s electrical wiring system and …

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