texas termites

How To Prevent Termites In Texas?

If you live in Texas, you must take steps to prevent termites from destroying your house. The good news for Texas homeowners is that there are ways to prevent termite infestation after extermination. Preventative measures such as yearly termite inspections are required to avoid another costly termite infestation. Termite detection can be difficult since these …

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rats diseases


It’s a fact that rats can make you sick, very sick. Rats carry dozens of diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. Rats pose serious health risks to humans as a result of exposure to feces or urine. Diseases can also be caused by scratches and rat bites. Even if you never touch a rat …


what attracts flies

What attracts flies?

What attracts flies? Flies are attracted to any food source. These pests are attracted some of the nastiest waste like feces and trash. You name it; if it stinks, flies are attracted to it. Beyond food, flies are attracted to water. A fly will die in less than two days without water. What kind of …

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keep cockroaches away

How To Keep Cockroaches Away?

Protecting your home from cockroaches is no small feat. No matter where you live, summertime means one thing cockroach season. Cockroaches thrive and breed in the summer, so protecting your house from pests is imperative. But the question is, “How to keep cockroaches away from your house?” There are several ways to keep cockroaches away …

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pest control

Why do we need to PREVENT and CONTROL PESTS and RODENTS?

How do you manage termites? There are two stages of termite treatment: Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment. This treatment is required in the already constructed houses and buildings. In this treatment, a Chemical Barrier is created inside and outside the premises in addition to the already infested woodwork by drilling and injecting an odorless and stain-proof chemical, …

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