cockroaches dangerous

Are COCKROACHES DANGEROUS or Just Gross? | Sickness Symptoms

Cockroaches are considered to be dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, roaches can carry pathogens that cause diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, plague, leprosy and more. Roaches can also trigger allergic reactions in people. These nasty bugs can poison our food by transmitting bacteria. Beyond the health risks, roaches also produce a repulsive …

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wasp removal

Wasp removal tips

Wasp removal may not be a top priority for you until you or one of your loved ones is stung by one. Not too long ago, my wife and I were enjoying a beautiful summer day on the beach. When it was time to leave, I slipped on my sandals, and I felt a sharp …

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get rid of ground bees

How to get rid of ground bees?

What kind of bees live in the ground? Ground nesting bees or miner bees live in the ground. They create underground nests with solitary queens raising their young. Are ground bees dangerous? Generally, ground bees are docile insects. They don’t defend their nesting areas. Therefore, ground bees are unlikely to sting. Male ground bees may …

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ground bees

Ground bees

Before attempting to answer why ground bees are in your yard, let us first understand the attributes and behavior of ground bees. This is important because it will more than likely answer why there might be ground bees in the yard. For example, some people find the ground bee’s burrow unattractive, but this type of …

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baby silverfish

Baby Silverfish

Silverfish are often found in wet and humid environments and can enter the house, causing serious problems. Since baby silverfish love humid environments, chances are you will see them in the shower or bath if you have an infestation. If there is a serious infestation you should rely on the services of a specialist to …

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what attracts silverfish

What attracts silverfish?

If you spot small silver bugs in your home it is most likely silverfish, a common pest in the world. Silverfish are small nocturnal pests that are attracted to homes. Silverfish can sneak into even the smallest crevices, making them one of the most annoying household pests. All of this cleaning and vacuuming efforts will …

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silverfish bite

Silverfish bite

Some people mistake an insect called an earwig for silverfish. Silverfish bugs bite the surface of food sources but do not bite humans. Silverfish parasites have weak jaws, so that their bite is better compared to a long scratching motion than a real bite. Although silverfish are not known to bite humans, they leave scratch …

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