How to catch a rat

It’s weird how rats and mice are often portrayed as cute in movies and cartoons. But cute doesn’t mean safe. Rats are truly dangerous pests. When a rat shows up in your kitchen, bedroom, or garage, you take every measure to get rid of it. It’s critical to catch a rat before it contaminates your… Continue reading How to catch a rat

How to keep rats away

The personified cartoon rodents we see on television are so dangerously cute because they play games, talk, and even save the day. However, real rats are a whole different story; they carry diseases, damage electrical wiring, gnaw through walls and an honest problem in the home. If eating our food and chewing through our valuables… Continue reading How to keep rats away

Best rat traps

No one ever wants to see a rat in their home, but sometimes it happens. Unfortunately, these pesky little rodents can cause quite a lot of havoc when loose in a home. They can chew on wires, leave droppings all around, rummage through food storage, and make those eerie scratching sounds at night. What’s worse,… Continue reading Best rat traps

7 Ways to Maximize Unused Attic Space (Besides Just Storage)

As mentioned in some of our previous articles, mice, rats, raccoons, and other rodents enjoy the cluttered space of an attic to hide. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a tiny, safe haven for rodents to spread disease and chew through electrical wires and insulation. The attic rarely sees much, if any, human interaction. It’s usually… Continue reading 7 Ways to Maximize Unused Attic Space (Besides Just Storage)

What diseases do rats carry?

It’s a fact that rats can make you sick, very sick. Rats carry dozens of diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. Rats pose serious health risks to humans as a result of exposure to feces or urine. Diseases can also be caused by scratches and bites. Even if you never touch a rat or… Continue reading What diseases do rats carry?

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How to kill a rat

There are a lot of different products and tools used to kill a rat. If you think that one or two rats are no big deal think again. Rats multiply so fast that only two rats can produce more than 1200 rats in a single year. Can you imagine the damage 1200 rats can do?… Continue reading How to kill a rat