Best rat traps

No one ever wants to see a rat in their home, but sometimes it happens. Unfortunately, these pesky little rodents can cause quite a lot of havoc when loose in a home. They can chew on wires, leave droppings all around, rummage through food storage, and make those eerie scratching sounds at night. What’s worse,… Continue reading Best rat traps

Can I use mouse traps outdoors?

Outdoor mouse traps provide quick results. Trapping outdoors is an effective way to control mice before they enter your home. Outdoor trapping combined with mouse repellent keeps mice outside and it’s especially effective with small infestations. Where to place mousetraps outdoors? If you are having mice outdoors, you should place mousetraps in areas where they… Continue reading Can I use mouse traps outdoors?

How to kill a rat

There are a lot of different products and tools used to kill a rat. If you think that one or two rats are no big deal think again. Rats multiply so fast that only two rats can produce more than 1200 rats in a single year. Can you imagine the damage 1200 rats can do?… Continue reading How to kill a rat

How to get rid of a rat

Rats may look cute and cuddly for some people, but for most, rats are nasty little creatures that create an unhealthy environment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rats can spread more than 35 diseases to humans, including Typhus, Plague, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonellosis, Rat-Bite Fever, and many more. Rats contaminate your… Continue reading How to get rid of a rat