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How To Get Rid Of Roaches From Your Arizona Home? [New Tips!]

How to get rid of roaches from your Arizona home?

The best way to get rid of roaches from your Arizona home is to use insecticide spray and roach baits. But, if you are not the hands-on type, you should call a pest control professional to help you get rid of roaches fast.

How to prevent a cockroach infestation in your Arizona home or apartment?

Keep Your Apartment Clean

Cockroaches can’t stand clean apartments. So, cleaning your apartment regularly is best if you want to prevent a roach infestation.

Roaches always look for dirty places and don’t care if it’s your apartment or someone’s house. If you leave crumbs on the floor and the kitchen countertop, expect these nasty bugs to arrive any moment. And once cockroaches are in your apartment, they are incredibly hard to exterminate.

Pay especially close attention to your kitchen. Clean up spills immediately. Clean up any leftovers without delay. If you eliminate the food source, you will keep away the roaches.

Usually, food storage, cooking, and eating areas make the biggest difference.

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Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink

Dirty dishes in the sink make for an easy food source for cockroaches. The biggest mistake you can make with dirty dishes is to leave them in the sink overnight. Cockroaches are nocturnal, so you can rest assured that these pests will feast on your leftovers while you sleep.

Quickly Clean Up Leftovers

You should clean up leftovers right after eating. Wash dirty dishes used for food preparation and serving, wipe the kitchen counters and store food either in the refrigerator or in sealed food containers. Leaving food out will attract roaches and other pests such as rats, mice or ants.

Keep Your Apartment Clean

A dirty apartment is an ideal place for cockroaches. If you want to keep out roaches, clean up food packaging, such as takeout containers and pizza boxes, daily. Sweep or vacuum your kitchen and dining area. And if you eat anywhere else in your apartment, clean it regularly to deter roaches.

Clean Out Cabinets

Cabinets are a favorite hiding place for roaches. You should wide your cabinets clean regularly. Wipe your cabinets clean of crumbs and other food items.

Give Your Apartment a Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of your apartment is an important step. It can help you find cockroach eggs and hiding spots. Tidy up your apartment, and clean any messes. Use cleaning products that sanitize and disinfect.

Since cockroaches carry diseases that can make your family and pets sick, do your best to keep your apartment clean. Work your way from the kitchen to the bathrooms. Make sure you keep your entire apartment clean.

Seal Cracks In Walls Or Flooring and Any Leaks

Cockroaches can enter your apartment through the tiniest holes and cracks. To keep roaches out of your apartment, carefully seal holes, cracks and crevices they might use to enter your apartment.

Seal even the smallest crevices, gaps, and cracks in your flooring and walls. Pay close attention to areas around pipes, wires, and vents. Contact your landlord to cockroach proof your apartment, as they should be responsible for keeping your home roach-free.

Keep Doors and Windows Properly Sealed

Inspect your doors and windows to make sure that there are no gaps or openings. Since cockroaches can fit through extremely tiny holes, you’ll want to ensure that everything is correctly sealed.

Are there German roaches in Arizona?

There are German roaches in Arizona. In fact, they are the most common cockroaches in the Grand Canyon State.

Does Arizona have Palmetto bugs?

Arizona has Palmetto bugs. They are American cockroaches. The Palmetto bug is a huge cockroach that can grow up to three inches.

How did cockroaches get into my phoenix home?

Cockroaches get into your Phoenix home by crawling through cracks, crevices, and small holes. But, often, the homeowner brings the cockroaches into the home.

Roaches get into your home by crawling into your backpack, suitcase, or clothes. You could get a roach infestation from a shipping box too. Basically, cockroaches find countless ways to get inside your house.

How do you keep roaches away in Arizona?

Keeping roaches out of your house isn’t as hard as it seems. The most important thing is to keep your home clean. Seal entry points, and introduce cockroach deterrents.

Are there cockroaches in Arizona?

There are cockroaches in Arizona. In fact, Arizona has a lot of roaches. The German cockroach is the most common roach in the Grand Canyon state. But, if you live in Arizona, you might have to get rid of American roaches, brown-banded roaches, European roaches, Turkestan roaches, and even brown cockroaches.

These pests are a nuisance in Arizona homes and businesses. They carry bacteria and viruses and spread foodborne illnesses. Roaches favor dirty areas in Arizona.

Is it common to have roaches in Arizona?

It’s common to have roaches in Arizona. Due to its warm climate and mild winters, cockroaches are a problem all year. Arizona homeowners are forced to deal with at least five types of cockroaches.

Because cockroaches are nocturnal, you will only see a few of them crawling or flying, even if there is a huge cockroach infestation in your Arizona home.

But, if you walk into your kitchen in the middle of the night and open one of the cabinet doors, a roach might jump out at you. Unfortunately, even if you see a single cockroach, it could signify a full-blown cockroach infestation.

What attracts cockroaches in Arizona?

Left-over food, dirt, cardboard, easy access points, and neglect attracts cockroaches in Arizona. If you don’t clean up left-over food inside and outside your home, sooner or later, you may have a roach problem.

You should eliminate easy access points to keep roaches out of your house. Easy access to food sources will also attract roaches to your home.

Are cockroaches common in Phoenix?

Cockroaches are common in Phoenix.

The most common cockroaches in Phoenix are:

  • German roaches
  • American roaches
  • Turkestan roaches
  • Brown-banded roaches
  • Oriental roaches

All of these roaches are somewhat different, but they are all harmful pests. Their color and size might differ, but they share the same nasty habits.

All roaches have common characteristics regardless of their markings, size, and color. All roaches have six barbed legs, oval-shaped bodies, and two antennae.

With the barbs on their legs, roaches can cling to ceilings and walls. After a roach dies, it often rolls onto its back.

What are the big roaches in Arizona?

The American roaches are the big roaches in Arizona. Unlike the German roaches, which are only half an inch long, American roaches can grow up to about three inches by adulthood.

To make these nasty bugs sound less disgusting, some people like to call them “palmetto bugs.” They are not only huge, but they can also fly. Their huge size and reddish-brown color should tell you that you are dealing with big American roaches.

Why are there so many cockroaches in Arizona?

The weather in Arizona creates the perfect breeding conditions for cockroaches. Millions of cockroaches will invade homes and businesses in Arizona. These pests are attracted to moist areas.

Cockroaches hide in kitchens and bathrooms. Roaches prefer to live in warm areas inside your home. They spend most of their time in dark, moist areas, looking for shelter.

To make matters worse, roaches breed faster in Arizona than in cold climates. So, once you have a roach infestation, it can get much worse much faster.

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When is cockroach season in Arizona?

It’s cockroach season year-round in Arizona. That’s because Arizona has no real winter to keep roaches hiding. So, if you live in Arizona, you have to stay vigilant all year.

Types of Cockroaches in Arizona


The German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) in Arizona

The German cockroach is the most common roach in Arizona homes and businesses. It’s a small cockroach, only about half an inch long, but it’s a big problem for Arizona homeowners.

The German roach is a light brown insect with two dark stripes on its back. Although this roach has wings, it can’t fly.

You can find German roaches anywhere in Arizona. They are common in homes, commercial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, and grocery stores. People often bring home roaches on their clothes or in their bags.

This pest prefers to live in warm, moist areas. You can find them in bathrooms and kitchens. Unfortunately, German roaches can spread diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella. They also produce a “death stench” that can cause asthma attacks in some homeowners.

It’s difficult to get rid of German roaches because they move and breed at lightning speed. Hundreds or thousands may be hiding inside your home if you see a roach. These brown and tan pests are only half an inch long, but they can be incredibly difficult to eliminate.

The American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) in Arizona

The American cockroach is the largest roach in Arizona. It is much bigger than the German roach. A full-grown American roach can reach three inches. The female roaches are the largest.

The American roach can fly and has a dark brown color with a yellow margin behind the head. This cockroach originates not from America but from Africa. The American roach is common in Arizona and other southern U.S. states.

The Oriental Cockroach in Arizona

The Oriental cockroach is one of the most common bugs in Arizona. These roaches are often found in Arizona homes and businesses. They are dark brown or black with glossy bodies.

The Oriental roach is about twice as long as the German roach at one inch in length, but it’s much smaller than the American roach. They can live up the five years. This roach is attracted to warm, humid, and dark areas. Homeowners often find cockroaches in sewers, basements, and crawl spaces.

The European Cockroach in Arizona

The European roach is a common cockroach in Arizona. It’s brown and has dark stripes on its back. This roach is larger than the German but much smaller than the American.

You can find European cockroaches in Arizona homes, restaurants, warehouses, grocery stores, and various commercial buildings.

The Turkestan Cockroach in Arizona

Turkestan roaches, also known as “water bugs” and “red roaches,” are common in Arizona. They are reddish-brown or brown. Even though the Turkestan roach has wings, it can’t fly.

These roaches like to live inside buildings. You can find the Turkestan roach in garages, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. These bugs are attracted to food and water. They contaminate food with their saliva and feces.

The Brown-banded Cockroach in Arizona

The brown-banded cockroach is about the same size as the German cockroach. They are brown with a couple of light brown bands on their wings.

The brown-banded roach prefers warm, dry places in the home. You will find them in upper cabinets and attics.

Giant cockroaches in Arizona

The giant cockroaches in Arizona are the American roaches. They can grow to be three inches long.

Cockroaches in Arizona apartments

Many Arizona apartments are infested with cockroaches. If you live in an apartment, you should know that roaches cause allergies and carry dangerous diseases. And they stink. Roaches carry a death stench everywhere they go.