carpet beetle in Texas

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles In Texas?

Are carpet beetles common in Texas?

Carpet beetles are common in Texas. Three types of carpet beetles invade Texas homes.

Carpet Beetles In Texas

The three carpet beetle species in Texas homes are the following:

  • Furniture carpet beetle
  • Common carpet beetle
  • Varied carpet beetle

Common Carpet Beetles in Texas

Common carpet beetles have an orange color in the center.

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Varied Carpet Beetles in Texas

The furniture carpet beetle and the varied carpet beetle look very similar.  Both of these Texas carpet beetle species have a spotted mix of black, white and brown coloration.

How to get rid of carpet beetles in Texas?

If you live in Texas, you can get rid of carpet beetles using insecticides or household-friendly organic methods.

A thorough cleaning may sound simple, but it’s an effective method for getting rid of carpet beetles in Texas. Texas homeowners use insecticides for preventive carpet beetle control.

Wipe down shelves, drawers, cupboards, counters, and windowsills with rubbing alcohol. This helps get rid of carpet beetles because it prevents them from laying their eggs.

How to get rid of Texas carpet beetles permanently?

A cleaning solution of three parts water and one part bleach also effectively kills the carpet beetle eggs and larvae on contact.

To prevent or get rid of carpet beetles, vacuum the areas around doors and windowsills, your floors, carpets, and basically all areas with carpet beetle activity. For even better results, go over the vacuumed areas with a high-performance steam cleaner.

How to get rid of carpet beetle larvae?

Insecticides are useful in getting rid of carpet beetles and their larvae in homes. Use one that contains cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, or bifenthrin. Unfortunately, some insecticides may stain your carpet, so it’s best to test in a small area out of sight.

Boric acid is a natural yet effective way to eliminate carpet beetles. Apply a light coating on your furniture, rugs and carpets. It’s best to use a brush or broom to distribute the insecticide. After a few hours, you can vacuum the area. Kids or pets mustn’t come into contact with insecticide-treated areas.

Texas homeowners can also use an insect fogger to quickly get rid of carpet beetles. One drawback is that insect foggers don’t exterminate the eggs but target the carpet beetles. Make sure you use a non-residual fogger. It will not leave residue on textile, carpet or furniture. Again, ensure that children and pets are not around if you use an insect fogger. And to eliminate the carpet beetles that getaway, keep a can of bug-killer spray handy.

Carpet beetles can be persistent in Texas, and removal may be hard without help from a pest control company. If the carpet beetle infestation is widespread, it’s best to call a Texas exterminator to help you get rid of carpet beetles.

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Black Carpet Beetle Texas

There is a black carpet beetle problem in Texas. Whether you live in Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Cristi or Dallas, your home may be invaded by carpet beetles.

If you have a carpet beetle infestation, you are most likely dealing with black carpet beetles. Black carpet beetles are six-legged, hard-shelled household pests.

These bugs are distinguishable by their jet-black bodies. The good news is that adult carpet beetles don’t eat carpets. Instead of consuming your carpet, these pests lay their eggs in fabrics, textiles or carpets, providing their young with a viable food source.

Once hatched, carpet beetle larvae will feed until reaching maturity, which can take up to two years. Once adults, these pests only survive for a few weeks.

One thing Texas residents should know about black carpet beetles is that they are the most common and destructive species. These tiny pests can go unnoticed in homes for long periods allowing them to build their population while quietly destroying carpeting and furniture.

While the larvae reach adulthood, they feed on your carpeting. Although it only takes about ten days to hatch eggs, larvae can take from three months to two years before pupating and transforming into full adults. Once adults, they will stop eating your carpet and move on to flowers, plants and insects.

Are carpet beetles native to Texas?

The Furniture carpet beetle, the Common carpet beetle, and the Varied carpet beetle are native to Texas.