bed bug cleaning

How do you get bed bugs in the first place?

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests on the planet. They are tiny pests that suck human blood for their survival. Although the common knowledge is that bed bugs are too small to be seen, it is not entirely true. Some adult bed bugs grow up to 5 mm in length and are visible to the human eye. Unfortunately, these pests mostly invade our homes at night, thus making it all the more difficult for us to identify them.

So if you are wondering how do you get bed bugs in the first place, read on.

Bed bugs generally take refuge in places that are warm and have enough human contact. For example, the bed, the couch, pillows or mattresses are strongholds for bed bugs.

Once you have identified where the bed bugs can gather, use a suitable and effective insecticide on these places. You should treat all your furniture with insecticide to ensure that the bedbugs get eliminated. Thus, to wipe them out completely, it is best to use a combination of insecticide spray and insecticide dust.

To prevent these insects from escaping your insecticide onslaught, you can cover the bed bug infested places in plastic and then use the insecticide.

If you want to know how to prevent them, you need to abide by specific instructions. First and foremost, you should repair any cracks in your windows to prevent them from coming into your home. Once this basic precaution is carried out, you need to eliminate any old furniture that is utterly useless and rotting. Such furniture often proves to be a haven for bed bugs.

Cleanliness is an excellent way of keeping your home bed bug-free. So go for regular cleaning drives and keep your home free from bed bugs.

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Another thing that you must pay great attention to is that you must not bring infested items into your house. Bed bugs can attack your household anytime. Also, you need to be especially careful while traveling. Check the mattresses and linings of the beds and pillows in the hotel room where you stay for bed bugs. Do a thorough check of the room you are about to stay in and if possible, ask the hotel to clean your room with disinfectants before you check in.

If you buy used furniture, make it through a rigorous cleaning process before bringing the furniture into your house. Even after all precautions, there is a chance of bed bugs coming into your home and feasting on your blood. However, even if that happens, do not panic. There are very effective insecticides that can successfully eliminate families of bed bugs.

Now that you know how to prevent bed bugs, you must abide by the given instructions. It is not a very tough thing to fight these insects. With a little bit of cautiousness and certain precautionary measures, you can ensure that these pests do not infest your beloved house. It is imperative to thwart bed bugs because they can lead to infections and diseases in human beings. Thus, if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from bed bugs, take preventive measures today.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

There are chemical-free, safe for children and pets, easy and effective ways to get rid of bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are flat, oval and reddish-brown in color and are about .2 inches long. Bedbugs resemble cockroaches but are wingless and flat and live in your mattress.

Bedbugs come out at night, many people do not know they have bedbugs unless they have a reaction to their blood-sucking bites or their home is infested. Bedbugs are more active at night and hide during the day. Bedbugs typically cluster together in a favorable spot such as your bed and mattress but can also be found in neighboring areas such as baseboards, night tables, cracks in wood floors and other furniture.

Since bedbugs like to live near their host, you, the first place to look in your mattress. While bedbugs are most commonly found in bedrooms, bedbugs can spread to additional rooms in your home, including bathrooms, living rooms, and laundry rooms. Dark blood spots on sheets and pillowcases may indicate bedbug feeding. This results in darker (reddish or brownish) spots or smears placed on bed sheets, pillowcases and mattresses, or in nearby areas.

Since bedbugs are small and flat, they can move and live in very tight corners and cracks. All bedbugs are parasites of warm-blooded animals. Bedbugs will also feed on you and on your most beloved pets, your dogs and cats, if there is no human available. Bedbugs can live up to a year without feeding. These bugs are called “bedbugs” because they eat while their host, you, is asleep, so the sleeping area, your bed, is the most common area for bedbugs to feed, hide, and lay their eggs in.

Another sign that you have bed bugs are unexplained bites when you wake in the morning. Bed bugs bites consist of a raised red bump or flat welt and are often accompanied by very intense itching. Bed bugs bite during the night while you are asleep, and they will inject a chemical into the bite while sucking your blood. Some people may be allergic to the chemical; if you are itching or have a reaction, you might be having an allergic reaction.

Not everyone reacts to bedbug bites in the same way. Some people don’t notice or feel them at all. Many people that have allergies are mild and are not dangerous. It is more annoying with the itching than it is dangerous. It is extremely rare for anyone to have a serious health problem based on a bedbug bite. Obviously, if you see something or feel something more serious than itching, you need to see a doctor.

There are safe, non-toxic powders that will alleviate bedbugs; using bed bags that cover your mattress is another way.

Reasons to get rid of bed bugs

There are several reasons why it is important to eliminate bed bugs. But, unfortunately, there are also several reasons why techniques to get them eliminated fail. One of those is the failure of an initiator to complete the methods due to it being so expensive.

Generally, there are several processes of getting rid of the said pests. In contrast to what others believe, though, they are not all costly to implement. True, some would indeed require a larger amount of money. However, others are cheap to complete.

Though money is needed to eliminate bed bugs effectively, it does not mean that you will be spending too much. Several techniques will require you to buy some cleaning products, but other than that, you will need more time and handwork. Some methods will not even require you to spend a penny as things they require are already in the house.

But is it possible to spend less yet still be able to keep the pests away? Well, generally, yes, it is possible. And as proof, below are some of the techniques of getting rid of bed bugs without spending too much. And in addition, you can implement them personally, giving you control over their overall effectiveness.

Hot Washing – This is done almost just like the regular laundering. The only difference is that you will use hot water. In addition, drying of the washed items at hot temperatures must follow. With this step, you will need to purchase the regular laundry soap, and you can already eliminate the said pests from eggs to adults.

Vacuuming – If you have a vacuum in your home, you can already eliminate the pests inexpensively. All you have to do is to regularly clean the possible areas where bed bugs are. Of course, it would be much easier if your vacuum was with a bag. If not, though, you can improvise and just make sure that the pests will be contained.

Spraying – This generally refers to the spraying of insecticides. You just have to purchase one and then spray them on specific areas or items where the pests are. However, it is advisable to go for natural cleaning products or solutions. Mainly, it is for the reason that they are safer for your family and the environment.

Given above are just some of the methods to get rid of bed bugs inexpensively. Implement them efficiently, and you can eliminate the said pests effectively without much financial weight.

How long does it take for bed bug bites to show up?

Bed bugs are known for the itching sensation they create when they bite us. Some people are allergic to the saliva of bed bugs.

There are many ways to check for symptoms of bed bugs’ presence. Scratching in children is not only due to the heat outside or the mosquito bites but can also be due to bed bugs. Therefore, you need to inspect your house in such a case with bed bugs in mind so that your sleep will be more peaceful.

Skin symptoms of bed bug bites

In case you notice swollen insect bites on your kid’s shoulders, legs, arms etc. and if the bites are of the same shape, the oval shape, and if added to it, if your kid looks drowsy, then you sure know that your child has not had a good sleep. In such a situation, you first need to check the mattresses and the bed he slept on for bed bug infestation.

Some people may not be allergic to the saliva injected into them before the bed bug starts feeding on your blood. The saliva of the bed bugs consists of anesthetics and anti-coagulants that are natural chemicals. But, a few kids start reacting even to these natural chemicals and might feel uncomfortable sleeping.
Developments of large, swollen, itchy areas are the first allergic reaction that can be seen. These wheels are thick and might subside, but if they become a red spot, they can stay on the skin for days.

There are chances for the itching wheels to become infectious if they are scratched. This is because the children cannot control their scratching sensation, and worse, the bites of bed bugs are itchier than that of a mosquito or a mite. It has been proven that the wound can get infected by being scratched.

Many people might develop insomnia, anxiety, and even stress in case of the bed bug infestation crosses the limit. It is because they couldn’t peacefully.

Hideouts of Bed Bugs

Many people would do anything to get a good night’s sleep, and they sure will want to wake up the next morning with a feeling that they had a good night’s sleep without any interference or bug bites. Most people aspire to this, especially the Americans; sleep matters a lot to them. So, they eventually get irritated when their sleep is interrupted. Therefore, it is important for people to know the hideouts of the bed bugs so that they can be exterminated.

Bed bugs are oval-shaped, small and reddish-brown in color. They are flat insects that can occupy almost any crevice where it can smell a warm-blooded mammal’s blood. They usually breed in people’s living room and bedroom, where people stay longer or sleep. They always look to stay close to their prey.

Even if you manage to see one bed bug on your couch, then you can be sure that your place is infested with bed bugs, and it is not the only one present in your house.

If you see even the reddish-brown tint even in one place inside your house, it is time for you to check the mattresses, shelves, boards, and any place that cannot be easily accessed by us but can be accessed by them.