bed bugs in Michigan

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in Michigan?

Bed bugs are parasite pests found in Michigan homes, apartments, motels, and hotels. These pests live and hide in beds, mattresses, carpets, and even couches. They can survive for months while waiting for you to return to your bed.

Bed bugs are transported to Michigan homes on personal items, luggage, backpacks, and purses. Infestations are possible in the cleanest Michigan homes. Once you have bed bugs in your home, they increase quickly. One female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs.

Bed bugs are impossible to eliminate without real expertise. Therefore, your best option is to hire a Michigan pest control company. When dealing with a bed bug invasion, you need all the help you can get.

Bed bugs are experts at hiding. You might not be able to find them unless you know where to look because they can hide in the tiniest of openings.

Bed bugs hide in bed sheets and mattresses when they are not busy feeding on human blood. And when you are sound asleep, these pests emerge to suck your blood. Without blood, bed bugs cannot survive and reproduce. 

Many people don’t even realize they share a bed with bed bugs until they are covered in bed bug bites. You may not see these parasites initially, but you will know about them after they bite you. And you will feel the bites and see the blood trails, signaling a bed bug infestation in your house.

After facing a bed bug invasion in your home, you most likely ask: “How to get rid of bed bugs?”

Bed bugs are resilient pests. They can survive temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit and below freezing. If you are struggling with a bed bug infestation, you need professional help. 

Only hire an experienced pest control professional to help you eliminate bed bugs. Make sure the exterminator has prior experience with bed bug infestations.

According to pest control companies in Michigan, bed bug infestations are becoming more frequent. People who travel should be especially careful about bringing bed bugs home. Travelers unknowingly spread bed bugs from motels or hotels to their homes or apartments.

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Michigan Bed Bug Overview

Michigan bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are reddish-brown pests. They are small pests and only grow to about ⅕ of an inch. Bed bugs have a tiny head on top of a wider, apple-seed-shaped body. Six legs support their body. Bed bugs hide in beds, carpets, couches, and various other furniture. These parasites come out to feed while you are asleep at night.

Are there bed bugs in Michigan?

Bed bugs are some of the most common pests in Michigan homes. Recently, Michigan has seen an increased number of bed bug
infestations. These pests are plaguing residents throughout the state of Michigan and the country.

Are bed bugs common in Michigan?

Bed bugs are common in Michigan, and their numbers are increasing. Bed bugs are a resurging problem in Michigan and in every U.S. state. These parasites cause property loss, expense, and inconvenience.

Bed bugs are found across the United States from north to south and east to west. Unfortunately, bed bugs have spread fast in recent years in Michigan and other parts of the U.S.

Do Michigan bed bugs bite?

Bed bugs do bite in Michigan. If you live in Michigan, you might have bed bugs hiding in your bed, carpet, couch, or sofa. Bed bugs seek out people while they sleep to feed on human blood. And after they have their fill of blood, they will hide.

Even though bed bugs in Michigan hide, at least they don’t transmit diseases like mosquitoes, cockroaches, or rats. Often people don’t even feel the bite right when it happens. People have reported developing painful swelling and suffering allergic reactions.

Are Michigan bed bugs contagious?

Bed bugs in Michigan do not carry contagious viruses. These pests do bite and can cause itching and even painful bit marks. But you don’t have to worry about bed bugs spreading diseases like roaches, mosquitoes, fleas or rats.

When is bed bug season in Michigan?

There is no bed bug season in Michigan. People suffer from bed bugs year-round in Michigan. But, bed bug infestation spikes during major travel seasons such as the holidays and the summer.

What is the actual size of a Michigan bed bug?

The size of the Michigan bed bug is 3/16 to 1/4 inch (5-7 mm) long. These apple seed sized parasites have a flat, oval shaped body. The color can range from brown to reddish-brown (if recently fed on blood).

Are bed bugs clear in Michigan?

Immature bed bugs are clear, but as these pests mature their color turns brown.

Dead Bed Bugs

Dead bed bugs are the most telling sign of a bed bug infestation in Michigan. Trained bed bug detection dogs help pest control professionals find bed bug infestations. These dogs are trained to ignore dead bed bugs.

Baby Bed Bugs

Baby bed bugs can be clear, translucent or whitish. They don’t turn brown until they mature. And after they feed on blood, their color changes to a reddish-brown.

What should I do if I found one bed bug?

If you found a bed bug, there are many more nearby. When bed bugs infest your Michigan home, they will feed on your blood in your sleep. And even if they don’t get to you immediately, sooner or later, bed bugs will find a way to suck your blood.

For bed bugs to survive, they need a steady supply of blood. Once they suck your blood, they are ready to reproduce in your Michigan house.

These pests can happen to anyone and may have already happened to you. If that’s the case, you might wonder if bed bugs are dangerous, and they can be.

How to get rid of bed bugs in Michigan?

Bed bugs are common in Michigan, but they can be safely removed. To get rid of these parasites, you should treat the furniture and wash your clothes.

You may not need to throw away the bed bug-infested furniture. But, it’s not uncommon for Michigan homeowners to get rid of bed bugs with the furniture.

Every city in Michigan has pest control companies ready to help you get rid of bed bugs and other pests.

How to get rid of bed bugs in my couch?

If your couch is infested with bed bugs, you must get rid of them ASAP. Bed bug infestations in couches are very common. So, the name “bed bug” doesn’t exclude these parasites from your couch. And anyone who dealt with a bed bug infested carpet or furniture knows that to be true.

One way to get rid of bed bugs in a couch is to use a steamer. As long as it is correctly used, you can kill these pests using a steamer. But, for this method to work, you would need a commercial-grade steamer.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the carpet?

If you have bed bugs living in your carpet, you are probably wondering how you can get rid of these blood-sucking parasites. One way to get rid of bed bugs is to steam clean every inch of the carpet.

Unfortunately, a regular home carpet steamer isn’t powerful enough to eliminate bed bugs. You either need to hire a professional or use a professional-grade carpet steamer to eliminate the bed bugs.

Bed bugs often infest mattresses and beds but can also spread to carpets. They don’t burrow inside, which makes it easier to vacuum them up. If you decide to use a vacuum cleaner, layout diatomaceous earth. After you have vacuumed up the bed bugs, it’s time to steam clean your carpets.

Can bed bugs live on an air mattress?

Bed bugs can live on an air mattress. Anywhere humans sleep, there can be bed bugs. You might return from your travels and unknowingly bring bed bugs home. Bed bugs can easily hide inside the seams of an air mattress during the day and come out while you are sleeping.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the bathroom?

Heat treatment is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs in the bathroom. Bed bugs don’t invade bathrooms because these pests need to be where people are. Bed bugs cannot survive and reproduce without feeding on human or animal blood.

Does Lysol kill bed bugs?

Lysol isn’t ideal for killing bed bugs. Some people spray Lysol on bed bugs, killing them, but it’s not an effective method for getting rid of bed bugs.

My Couch is Infested with Bed Bugs

If your couch is infested with bed bugs, you could hire a professional to steam clean it. In some cases, homeowners decide to get rid of the couch if it’s infested with bed bugs.

Bugs that Look Like Bed Bugs

Carpet beetles and cockroaches are often confused with bed bugs. To the untrained eye, these bugs look like bed bugs.