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How to Kill Gophers with Bleach and Ammonia? [Answer Here!]

Gophers are burrowing rodents that commonly gnaw on trees, shrubs, and other vegetation in your yard or garden. If they’re bothering you, you can try using different gopher repellents to control them, but if that doesn’t work, you can also kill gophers with bleach and ammonia.

Here’s how to get rid of gophers with bleach and ammonia, a simple homemade pest control solution.

How to kill Gophers with Bleach and Ammonia?

The chemicals that are used for gopher control are almost always toxic. The most common is called warfarin (trade name: cougar). This is a slow-acting poison that has no effect on most animals, but causes gophers to bleed from every orifice until they finally die. For example, it would take a week for a 50-pound dog to die if given just 5 milligrams of cougar.

In contrast, it only takes about 5 grams for an average sized adult male gopher (around 2 ounces) to succumb – making warfarin an extremely effective long-term solution against gopher populations in an area.

What are the advantages of using Bleach and Ammonia to kill Gophers?

The first advantage is you can use bleach and ammonia on gophers any time of year. Gopher Control experts can’t get into your home when it’s cold, wet or snowing. The second advantage is you will be able to kill gophers yourself.

If you hire a wildlife control company that uses lethal traps, there’s a chance they won’t show up at all, will show up late or might not even trap all of your gopher activity.

Lethal traps are also more likely to be triggered by pets than non-lethal methods like underground pipes system baiting stations because they look like food sources. Third, using bleach and ammonia is safer for your family and pets.

Reasons not to use Bleach and Ammonia to kill gophers

The biggest reason is that it is not necessary, despite what many people will tell you. There are plenty of safe, effective methods for ridding your yard of gophers that do not involve harmful chemicals. And if you have children or pets in your house, then those toxic substances can be extremely dangerous to them as well.

So keep in mind that bleach and ammonia only work if you know exactly what you are doing! But they do not work all that effectively either, since neither ingredient kills gopher tunnels (as opposed to killing living gophers). So while these ingredients might kill a few stray gophers here and there, they really aren’t going to solve your rodent problem over time. These two ingredients also cause several hazards when used on their own.

Using essential oils against gopher infestation

Essential oils are some of nature’s most powerful ingredients for pest control. Although it’s hard to say what oils you should use, let alone how much, because results will vary from one pest to another, many essential oils can be effective against gopher infestation.

Peppermint oil is believed to be a particularly good option. It’s considered toxic by ingestion (if consumed, it will cause serious digestive problems) and inhalation (if breathed in too much of it, peppermint may irritate your lungs). The smell of peppermint is said to repel gophers as well as mice and other rodents.

Effective ways to get rid of gopher holes

If you’re new to The Oatmeal – or just averse to adorable-looking gopher cartoons – here’s a quick rundown: gophers are moles that live below ground, meaning that their tunnels can be hard for people to spot. Their holes often show up in your yard as raised mounds of earth. While annoying (at best), it turns out these little guys do more than just cause unsightly holes in your lawn.

In fact, they can actually destroy an entire landscape if left unchecked over time, meaning they need to be dealt with quickly. In many cases, prevention is key; keeping landscaping healthy will often discourage them from taking up residence on your property in the first place.

The effectiveness of using mothballs against gopher extermination

To create a homemade gopher trap, you will need mothballs (or some other form of pesticide), a bucket or container, bait for your trap, twine or string, a knife or wire cutters, gloves and safety glasses.

First cut off a slice of meat from an old hot dog using your knife or wire cutters. Then push it down into the center of one end of your container.

When making your homemade rodent trap at home you should use gloves when cutting up hot dogs so as not to get your hands greasy. Wrap twine around one side of a bucket lid in order to hold it shut.

What are the best ways to kill gophers?

There are a few ways to kill gophers, but we’re going to go over three of them. One is using poison, another is trapping them, and lastly we’ll talk about how to use bleach as a pesticide. The first two are probably more common when it comes down to killing gophers because they take longer than using bleach as a pesticide.

Poisoning gophers is actually pretty easy, which makes it even easier on us humans. All you need is some peanut butter (the kind that comes in a jar) or oatmeal mix into some water. Smear some of that concoction on an old rat trap or similar device used for catching animals and wait for your prize!

How to get rid of gophers permanently?

Many homeowners have experienced having gophers invade their backyards, gardens, or lawns. These small rodents can eat through your root vegetables and tear apart your lawn. It’s important to get rid of them before they make your yard into a mess. There are many ways to kill gophers that you can use; however, some methods may not always be effective in every case.

Before you start killing these pesky rodents you need to know more about them first so that you will know how best to handle things depending on what type of environment they are living in. Let’s take a look at how we can effectively get rid of these pesky critters once and for all.

Does ammonia keep gophers away?

You might have heard about how gophers hate ammonia, which is true enough. They don’t like its smell, so they tend to steer clear of places where there’s a strong presence of it. However, they won’t stay away just because you scatter around some household ammonia; they need something stronger than that.

Actually, household ammonia isn’t even strong enough—gophers can easily withstand even industrial-strength ammonia without much difficulty. Furthermore, ammonia itself isn’t deadly for gophers; when mixed with other chemicals, however, it becomes toxic in large amounts.

What is the best way to get rid of gophers?

While you can kill gophers by placing a trap in front of their burrow, you should not try to force them out. Doing so could make matters worse by forcing other gophers out of their burrows.

Read on for one way to repel gophers using bleach and ammonia. It may take time, but if it works, it will be much more humane than some other methods.