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7 Ways to Maximize Unused Attic Space (Besides Just Storage)

As mentioned in some of our previous articles, mice, rats, raccoons, and other rodents enjoy the cluttered space of an attic to hide. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a tiny, safe haven for rodents to spread disease and chew through electrical wires and insulation.

The attic rarely sees much, if any, human interaction. It’s usually flooded with unorganized boxes and Christmas decorations. It maintains a constant, cozy environment for mice and rats who don’t like to be disturbed.

To say the least, having an unused attic may be a surefire way of inviting rats for vacation for the winter, so what do we do to discourage their stay? We make the attic a part of the action and turn it into a fully functional room.

Despite much popular belief, an attic is fitted properly to your house for more than just old clothes and oversized pieces of art. According to the California Building Industry Association, a housing contractor must deem this space habitable, like the rest of your house, before anyone can live within its walls, therefore making your attic a potential extra room. However, most don’t see this kind of attention and end up being just wasted space.

Regardless, the attic can be used for more than just a storage unit, and luckily, we have found the coolest and most useful ways to maximize your attic space so you can move the rats out and move yourself in.

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Play Room or School Space

Kids love a place to play by themselves because it stimulates the imagination and allows them to create a world of their own. Unfortunately, the advancements of extensive technology have discouraged the youth from going outside, but that doesn’t mean playtime inside can’t still be an adventure.

Forget the video games and bring back the fun of creativity and imagination by turning your attic into a child’s dream playroom.

Build some shelves along the sides of the walls, fill them with old toys, lay down some fun carpet, and set up a table for an instant rec room.

Want more?

Make the attic a themed space by turning it into a mock basketball court by installing a hoop, scoreboard, and sports posters. Shop around some yard sales for old furniture, ovens, and kitchenware to play “house,” or bring in a mannequin bust, vintage clothes, and a full-length mirror for the perfect room for “dress-up.”

Even try a camping-themed area! Most attics are that classic triangular peak shape, so turn the walls and ceiling into a tent by propping up some canvas material and laying out sleeping bags for indoor camping.

Art or Painters Studio

Anyone who has seen an artist at work is well aware of the space required to make a masterpiece. With the countless supplies being combined with the assumed mess of paint splatters, an artist truly needs one room in their house to store all their progressed artwork.

Many choose to rent a studio space outside of their household, but most forget to seek a solution much closer to home: the attic.

An attic is a perfect place to hold an artist’s dreams because it is solitary enough to encourage the flow of creative inspiration. Paint the walls white and let the brush fly! Set up your easel and pallets of paint without having to worry about repacking it at the end of the day.

There is ample room to collect new materials and hang favored past works. Not to mention, any spill or splatter of paint just adds character to the studio, so go on and draw on the walls!

How many places will you be encouraged to do that?

Game Room or Man Cave

Yes, usually, a man cave is located in one’s basement, but those are pretty tough to find in the Southern California area. Why not relocate it to the attic?

Any family seeking to entertain will love to have a game room. Set up a table for playing cards, drag in the billiards or foosball table, or install a flat-screen TV. Store some tasty snacks in a spare fridge or even set up a bar for cocktail hour. The attic will be the perfect surprise for game night or the Super Bowl with some fun furniture and lighting.

Home Office

Just like the painter’s studio, some work requires an undisturbed sanctuary in order to be accomplished. Now, you no longer need to worry about taking over an entire room with your projects because the attic is your place to explore. Set up a writing desk, filing cabinet, and computer monitor to tap into your brain’s absolute potential. And stacks of paper and books are no longer an unsightly concern because this space is all your own.

Band Room

Years ago, afterschool bands hosted their practices in the garage, knowing it was the only room in the house that could hold a couple of electric guitars, keyboard, and entire drum set without being disturbed. However, there is a growing need to use the garage for other purposes, thus kicking the teenage band to the curb, but fortunately, another room is perfect to house the musical genius of the crew, and that is the attic.

The countless pieces of equipment necessary to make music can be set up and undisturbed in this solitary space, and not to mention, band rehearsals can be held at any time, knowing the room doesn’t have to be shared with anyone else.

Decorate your space with inspirational posters, set up a recording studio, or even a stage for weekend performances.

Spare Room

When in doubt, sometimes the best thing to do with the attic is to just turn it into a spare bedroom for guests. The attic may seem a rather undesirable place to keep your old college roommate or your mother-in-law for the weekend, but with some carpet, new furniture, and a fresh coat of paint, this space can be transformed into a suite better than any hotel.

One of the biggest complaints by homeowners is that they simply don’t have enough rooms to satisfy their dream house. It’s essential to have a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom because those are the necessary staples of any living area. However, we often forget that life wouldn’t be very well lived without satisfying our personal passions either. Therefore, we should have the right to explore our desires through an entire room dedicated to that need, and what better place to house those dreams than the attic.

Build some shelves for a library or winery, create a home gym, install a skylight, and set up your telescope for an at-home observatory. Any creative way you choose, the attic is a place full of creative potential when used properly.

It’s time to take back your home and turn it into something you love, and that includes your attic. It’s no longer a space for mice, rats, rodents and storage, so maximize your space for every inch possible. You’ll be happiest knowing your family is pleased to be at home.

How to make an attic into a room?

Assess your space

Measure all available space in your attic. Even measure low eaves, small nooks, and narrow passages. These can be converted into storage spaces such as shelves and cubbies. Next, go downstairs to your main living space and compare this space to the size of your attic. This will allow you to see what kind of furniture might fit in your attic.

Consult a professional

Ask a professional to assess your attic to make sure that it is structurally sound and can hold the weight of the items you plan on placing in your attic. Furthermore, a professional can give you advice on how to best utilize your space and how to safely and easily access your attic from the rest of your house.

Insulate your attic

Whether you choose to use your attic as an extra room or for storage space, it is vital to insulate the walls to keep the temperature consistent in the attic and the rest of your home. Without insulation, changes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to items stored in your attic.

Make repairs and add storage

Repair leaks, holes in walls, and frayed wires. Also, search for rodent droppings and bird nests for signs of animals. If your attic does not already have windows, consider adding windows and skylights to best utilize natural light. Add electrical wiring if necessary. Due to sloped ceilings, low walls can be converted into storage spaces such as shelves and cubbies.

Paint and decorate

Consider painting your attic white or another light color, so the room seems larger and brighter. Add a mirror or two if you wish to make the room seem even larger. Be meticulous in where you place furniture to make sure you best utilize your space. Consider adding furniture that doubles as storage, such as a bed with drawers underneath.