pest odor removal


Do you have dead pests in your house? You may need odor removal.

Unfortunately for many of us, our pets are not the only animals we may end up sharing our home with. Rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, and other critters have a knack for entering and nesting in homes- in many cases, undetected. It’s hard to say which is worse- the thought of having a live rodent in your home, or a dead, rotting one. Either is unpleasant, but the latter can put you in a tricky situation. Finding, handling, and removing a dead animal in your home requires extreme caution and know-how. Follow these steps to determine what you need to do if you find a dead animal in your house.

Take Note of the Small Signs

At first, you might easily mistake the signs of a dead animal in your home for other things. For example, you notice a new presence of ants in the house or a stain on the ceiling. You might become worried about an insect problem or water damage, but really, these are both signs of a dead animal in the house. Or, you could catch a whiff of a foul stench and dismiss it as rotten food in the garbage. But if the stench persists (it will be unbearable), then you know there’s a dead animal rotting somewhere in your house, and you’ve got to deal with it ASAP. What you are smelling is the bacteria and microscopic organisms breaking down the tissue of the deceased animal. The awful odor will be enough to make you lose your sanity! After all, is said and done, you’ll want to look into professional odor removal services.

Sniff out the Problem

The fastest way to handle things is to follow your nose to the source of the smell. If the odor has become so repugnant that your senses are completely overwhelmed, try using a pet dog (if you have one) to sniff it out. If you don’t own a dog and are feeling squeamish, it would be a good idea to call for backup. Professionals can take over and locate the dead animal quickly and efficiently.

Check the Attic, Basement and Crawl Space

There are a few places where people most commonly uncover dead rodents: the attic, basement, and crawl space. These are areas that rodents and wildlife are most attracted to because they are isolated, warm, moist and can be accessed from the exterior (without the homeowner being the wiser). In the worst-case scenario, the dead animal may be trapped inside a wall in your home.

If the smell leads you to the attic, you need to dig around and investigate the insulation. Roof rats and other rodents love to shred attic insulation and nest inside of it. If you follow your nose to the basement, look for spots where it is especially moist or where there may be a leak. Sick animals or animals near death often seek out a water source right before they die. If the stench is emanating from directly inside a wall, you’ll have to use a drywall saw to cut a hole in the wall at that point.

Excercise Safety Precautions or Call a Professional

When you find the dead animal carcass, you need to take safety precautions when you remove it. Always wear rubber gloves, and consider wearing a protective face mask or goggles. Place the carcass in a plastic bag. A rat, mouse, or squirrel can go out with the regular trash. Any other animal needs to be buried or incinerated. Unfortunately, the job is not yet done. Where there’s a dead animal carcass, there are usually insects and maggots. Clean the area with enzyme-based cleaner, and remove any live maggots. Watch this video with step-by-step dead animal removal instructions from professionals!

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The most important thing to remember when removing a dead animal is to act quickly and safely.

You are, I’m sure, a conscientious homeowner. However, caring for and maintaining your property has many aspects- scheduling routine inspections in various seasons, checking plumbing to prevent leaks, clearing the ductwork and vents, keeping an eye on the gutters and roof for repairs, making sure all wiring is safe and functional- the list goes on and on.

Keeping your home safe and sound is no small task, and you’re doing your best to keep up with it all. But now, you encounter an unpleasant and frustrating problem that you just can’t shake- a foul odor. While it may seem like a simple issue of lack of cleanliness, repugnant home odors are usually rooted in a deeper problem.
If you’ve done a routine sweep of the house for a litter box and other pet care items, rotten food, unattended trash, and other things that may cause minor smells and are still struggling, it’s time to get rid of the odor. Believe it or not, there is a science behind the cause of the odor and how to effectively remove it.

Who do you call for a smell in your house?

Many strong stenches are coming from a source that is also likely to be damaging your property. The bad odor should not be ignored, tolerated, or allowed to persist. If an odor is permeating your home, you don’t have to let it take over your life. You might need to call pest control to immediately remove unpleasant smells from your home.

Why call in professionals for odor removal?

Some Odors are Harmful to Your Health

We all think about wiping down our kitchen counters and mopping up our floors to get rid of bacteria and germs. But I bet you don’t think about all the bacteria and contaminants that can actually become airborne! Surprisingly, odor removal is a key prevention step in the process of airborne contaminants from negatively affecting your family’s health inside your home.

How much does it cost to get the smoke smell out of a house?

Smoke-related odors that are lingering are especially harmful and tricky to eliminate. Common sense would suggest that since smoke rises, the odors would probably settle somewhere upward. But actually, the odors settle in cooler places like ductwork and ventilation systems. This means the harmful particles in the odor are redistributed throughout the house every time your air kicks on, and your family is breathing that in daily!

Hiring a competent and capable professional odor removal team is a necessary investment in protecting your family’s health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when breathed in, airborne contaminants and smoke particles from foul odors can enter the lungs and bloodstream and can harm the lungs and the heart.
The size of contaminating particles from the odor is directly related to their potential for doing harm and causing health problems. Unfortunately, we can’t measure what we can’t see. The average homeowner does not have the proper training or tools to do an odor removal job safely and thoroughly.

Consider hiring a pest control company that specializes in odor removal services that make your home safer. They have all the professional-grade equipment to sanitize and deodorize your space, eliminating any and all dangerous airborne contaminants, so you and your family can breathe easily again.

Deep clean to get rid of odors

Are you a pet lover? You’re probably willing to put up with a lot from your animals (including their messes!) because you love them so much. If you have been loving and caring for animals for a while, you know how important it is to quickly take care of their messes, especially if it’s on the carpet. Scrubbing too hard into the carpet can actually make it worse, forcing the mess and the odor to lock into the fibers. You may no longer see it, but it’s festering.

When you have a terrible odor wreaking havoc in your living space, you can’t waste time fruitlessly trying to find the correct area to treat or determining what’s safe to use on your home surfaces. One wrong application of a chemical or cleaning product can ruin your carpet forever! (You don’t even want to think about what it would cost to fix a mistake like that!)

For complete and immediate success, contact an odor removal company with advanced cleaning techniques. The trained odor removal specialists will find and isolate the source of your odor issue fast.
Removal of the source is the best way to fully address odor problems. Professionals will be able to identify and remove the root of the problem quickly. Their next step is to attack the problem with aerosols, oxidizing agents, disinfectants, and other tools to get rid of the foul stench for good. They won’t rest until your home is better than new.

An odor problem is often a rodent problem

When odor professionals respond to a home complaint, the most common sources of odor are underneath decks, in attics, walls, vents, and drains. Guess what is found there? Animal carcasses or nests. Ugh! You might think, not in my house! But the truth is, rodents can strike anywhere. Not just in unkempt or abandoned properties. The most manicured and well-cared-for home can fall victim to rodent infestation.

Rats, mice, raccoons, and other rodents weasel their way into your space through the tiniest crevices and weak spots on your exterior. A rat will squeeze through a ½ inch size hole, and a mouse a ¼ inch crack. It’s entirely possible for rodents to invade, nest, and die in your attic or basement without you being any the wiser. Their movement is mostly nocturnal, and for the most part, they are cautious and smart.

Rodents get into trouble when they can’t find food or a water source. Most are reluctant to stray far from their nest. If they go without food or water for very long, they end up dying.

If you have secretly been thinking to yourself, it smells like something died in here. In this case, it’s not a figure of speech. It is a very unpleasant but probable cause of the stench you are experiencing.

Homeowners should never attempt the removal of a dead animal carcass or dead rodents. There are many risks and health hazards involved. Dead pests carry infectious diseases that can be contracted easily and can even become airborne.

Special protective gear, tools, and techniques are used to safely remove dead animal carcasses from living spaces. The area where an animal carcass is discovered is contaminated and may be damaged to some degree. Professionals wear suits, gloves, and masks that cover them from head to toe, protecting their skin, eyes, and lungs from dangerous bacteria.

You need to let the professionals determine the degree of damage and the best steps for cleaning and restoration. All of these procedures will end up eliminating the odor issue by dealing with the root of the problem.

When you don’t want to do your own odor removal project, contact the experts who can help you. The right company not only specializes in odor removal but is also highly skilled in rodent prevention and removal. The company can safely and quickly locate wild animals or rodents in your living space and effectively remove them. Whether it’s raccoons, rats, squirrels, or mice; they’ve dealt with it all.

Before you hire a dead animal removal service, make sure it is compliant with all safety codes and regulations. Ensure the company uses organic products that are safe for your home and the people and pets inside. Some pest control companies can even assist with restoration, helping with attic insulation installation and replacement.