cockroaches dangerous

Are COCKROACHES DANGEROUS or Just Gross? | Sickness Symptoms

Cockroaches are considered to be dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, roaches can carry pathogens that cause diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, plague, leprosy and more. Roaches can also trigger allergic reactions in people. These nasty bugs can poison our food by transmitting bacteria. Beyond the health risks, roaches also produce a repulsive …

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wasp removal

Wasp removal tips

Wasp removal may not be a top priority for you until you or one of your loved ones is stung by one. Not too long ago, my wife and I were enjoying a beautiful summer day on the beach. When it was time to leave, I slipped on my sandals, and I felt a sharp …

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beehive removal

How to get rid of a beehive

Humane beehive removal Hardworking honeybees may not be your favorite houseguests, but with the help of a local beekeeper, you may be able to remove the beehive without killing the bees. Their critical environmental role in pollinating crops and threatened populations means that a healthy beehive should always be left to thrive. If you see …

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bee repellent

Natural bee repellent

What scent keeps bees away? While bees are attracted to certain sugary and flowery scents, they are also repelled by others. If you know bees, you know that some scents are effective for keeping bees away. You need to know what scents make for an excellent bee deterrent and apply it at the right time …

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cricket repellent

What is the best cricket repellent?

How to make natural cricket repellent? If you want to get rid of crickets, you could use a natural cricket repellent. Unfortunately, these pests are easy to recognize due to the annoying noise they make. In addition to noise pollution, crickets can damage your property. Check out: “How Long Does a Cricket Live Without Food?” …

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get rid of ground bees

How to get rid of ground bees?

What kind of bees live in the ground? Ground nesting bees or miner bees live in the ground. They create underground nests with solitary queens raising their young. Are ground bees dangerous? Generally, ground bees are docile insects. They don’t defend their nesting areas. Therefore, ground bees are unlikely to sting. Male ground bees may …

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bee removal

Bee removal

Bees are important for the ecosystem. Beehives serve as a refuge and food source for bees, but when bees move in some areas like inside walls or buildings, the only option is bee removal. When beehives grow too large, some may swarm and leave the hive. If you see an abandoned beehive in your yard …

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