bed bug wall

Bed bugs on walls

How do you get bed bugs out of your walls? If you have bed bugs inside your walls, they are in other spots too. So if you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you likely have bed bugs inside and outside walls. The goal is to get rid of bed bugs everywhere in your …

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bed bugs hide

Where do bed bugs hide

Bed Bug Hiding Places Bed bugs are nocturnal parasitic insects that come out at night and drink blood from humans and other hosts like pets. They are interesting in that their saliva contains a pain killer and a coagulant; the coagulant keeps the blood flowing so that they can feed. These pests are tiny and …

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bed bugs

Are bed bugs contagious?

Are bed bugs contagious? Bed bugs are a lot of different things, they are pests and bloodsucking parasites, but they are not contagious. They aren’t known to transmit disease. Bed bugs will find ways to get into your home, into your bed, into your bedsheets, but they do not spread person to person, meaning they …

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