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skunk climb

Can Skunks Climb?

If you’ve ever wondered, Can skunks climb? you’re not alone. If a skunk does get into your house or yard, you may want to know how to keep it out without having to resort to calling the exterminator! In this article, we’ll take a look at whether skunks can climb and what you can do …

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catch a mouse

How to catch a mouse

House mice are very problematic to home and business properties. Mice are capable of spreading disease and parasites to people and their pets. They often ruin food items by chewing through the packaging. And mice droppings are a source of contamination. In addition, mice can cause costly damage to your home’s electrical wiring system and …

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what attracts flies

What attracts flies?

What attracts flies? Flies are attracted to any food source. These pests are attracted some of the nastiest waste like feces and trash. You name it; if it stinks, flies are attracted to it. Beyond food, flies are attracted to water. A fly will die in less than two days without water. What kind of …

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