bed bug stains sheets mattress

Bed bug stains on sheets and mattress

Do bed bug mattress covers work?

Do you have a bed bug problem? It can be really rough on you and your family. This is a really serious problem, and I’m going to try and shed some light on it for you and teach you how to get rid of bed bugs and about bed bug killer products that can help.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

So, how important are bed bug mattress covers? Do they actually work? Can they help prevent bed bug attacks during the night? Let’s find out…

The problem with not using bed bug mattress covers is the fact that bed bugs will plant eggs in your mattress and generally stay in them. So covering up your mattress with a bed bug certified mattress protector can really help to prevent this. So to give you a short answer, yes, they really do work – if the bed bugs can’t get to your mattress, they can’t stay in them. It’s as simple as that. Get some bed covers and sleep well, knowing that nothing crawled in while you weren’t in your bed.

Now… What about during the night? When do they actually attack? What happens then?

Generally… The first thing you want to do when you think you have bed bugs is to wash all of your linen and sheets with hot water. If there is anything in there, it will die. This will ensure that you are using clean sheets. Something as simple as this can prevent a serious bed bug invasion during the night.

Bed bug mattress covers aren’t enough if you have a serious attack pending in your house. They can roam together in groups of 10 or 20, sometimes more, and they will take your blood from you and your family. It doesn’t usually end up being a serious problem but left unattended. It can grow into a problem that you’ve never seen before.

They just come into your room by smelling the carbon dioxide that you’re emitting, and they will wreck your body. First, they suck out about three times their body weight of blood, and they can also give you harmful diseases and viruses by their body parts puncturing your skin.

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Side note: What animal do you think kills the most people per year?

Answer: The mosquito.

Why? It transfers tons of bad diseases and viruses by the blood it takes and passes along to other people. Now let’s think… Bed bugs do the SAME thing, right? So they can potentially give you some REALLY bad diseases (Think Aids, STDs, etc.)

I don’t say that to scare you – but it’s an added reality. Left unattended, a bed bug problem CAN kill you. It’s not likely, but it can happen. So get some bed bug mattress covers, and honestly, call for a bed bug exterminator. Please take care of your family. It really is worth it. At the least, you should get bed bug spray and keep spraying for a few weeks to make sure you get rid of all of them (including the bed bug eggs.)

How long does it take bed bug eggs to hatch?

Bed bug eggs can live for about two weeks after the parents and colony have died. So if you can spray a few times afterward, maybe twice a week for even a month, you should be fine. Just make sure to keep your sheets clean, keep your eyes open, and check your body for marks to make sure they don’t come back.

If all else fails, make sure to get that exterminator comes as soon as possible!

How To Kill Bedbugs

The key to finding out how to kill bed bugs is finding out what they don’t like. To give you a few tips, this can include acids and different kinds of vegetables that can really turn them off. Adding these as some natural remedies will help you to get rid of them. However, if you want to find out how to REALLY kill them, you’re going to have to use something that has a little more punch.

Using a spray is really the answer here to kill bed bugs. Find some bed bug spray that works well and spray a few times per week for a month or so. The key here for being a good bed bug killer is that the bed bug eggs can live for a long time after the parents have gone. Basically, if you stop spraying, they can hatch and start an entire new colony on their own.

You need to spray well after you haven’t seen any for a while to prevent this from happening. It will make sure that you have successfully defended your home from its future attacks of bed bugs.

Is Killing Bed Bugs Easy? Can You Kill Bed Bugs Yourself?

Yes and no. If you do the right things, then yeah, killing bed bugs is extremely easy. If you want to make it the easiest possible, you should contact an exterminator. The thing with exterminators is that they know exactly what to do. They know the timing, where to spray, how they find you, the best ways to prevent future attacks, and tons more information that is detrimental to succeeding quickly.
If you don’t want to find an exterminator, then you can still easily kill bed bugs yourself. However, you have to be on the ball and set up a few things to make it happen soon.

A lot of things can be done to prevent a bed bug infestation from happening. You should use a mattress cover, and you should wash all of your sheets in very hot water. This will make sure that there is no residue, eggs, or living bed bugs inside your sheets while you’re sleeping.

Bed Bug Prevention

Killing bed bugs is all about preventing them in the first place. They find you by seeking out your carbon dioxide. You give off carbon dioxide each time you take a breath. They simply smell it and find their way into your bedrooms. They’ll come through window cracks, outlets, and even water pipes if they have to. These guys work hard to get their blood, so you have to work even harder to make sure that they can’t come inside to get you.

They each suck about three times their body weight in blood. So that means that if a serious attack comes, you’re pretty much going to lose tons of blood. This is why killing bed bugs is so important, and if you don’t, it can become a very serious health risk for you.

Of course, to add some humor, if you see any apple seeds on the ground, step on it! It could be a bed bug. They look JUST like apple seeds! Killing them is as easy and stomping your feet!

Do Bed Bug Sprays Really Work?

It’s bad enough to have to deal with getting rid of bed bugs but having them in your bed can be so much worse. Every homeowner has dealt with bed bugs at least once in his life. As soon as we find out that our bed serves as a home for bugs, of course, we would want to get rid of them at the soonest possible time. One of the most effective methods in getting rid of bed bugs is by using certain bug sprays. I’m pretty sure that my concern is also your concern. How good are these sprays in getting rid of the bugs?

Yes, bed bugs sprays can be very effective but only up to a certain extent only. You can use a spray when you first discover bugs, and keep in mind that the products approved for home use cannot handle the extreme influx. If you’re only dealing with a minor problem, then go ahead and purchase a spray for bed bugs. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully, especially the part where it says whether you can spray it on bedding or any surfaces that you will have direct contact with or not.

Lucky for us because most of the bed bugs sprays that are being sold in the market today are 100% non-toxic. It’s important to find the source of the infestation and once you do, spray it, and you will have killed the bed bugs in no time. Don’t forget to disinfect the whole area because you don’t want any leftover eggs that will make you deal with the same problem a few weeks from now. If you are still having problems with bugs in your bed, then it’s time for you to call a professional bed bug exterminator. You may have an extreme influx of bugs all over your room. An exterminator can handle this problem in minutes.

The Best Bed Bugs Sprays, Powders, and Insecticides

For those of us who seem susceptible to bed bugs from time to time, allow me to recommend what bed bugs insecticide I have found useful in the eradication of these blood-sucking pests.

There are many other bed bug killing products and sprays on the market, my friends, but take it from me, this powder works like a charm, and all it takes is a few minutes treating the affected areas by carefully following the manufacturer’s directions to make sure that you do a proper job. And don’t forget, safety first!

Is There A Bed Bugs Repellent?

Now here’s a question that I have been asked from time to time: is there such a thing as a bed bug repellent? Let me answer by saying that I have never found a bed bugs repellent per se. What I use from time to time is a mosquito repellent which seems to work well for me, but I cannot offer any guarantee that you will have the same satisfaction that I have had in using the insect repellents which are on the shelves at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Might I suggest that you check with your doctor or dermatologist the next time you visit and ask them the truth about bed bugs repellent and what they would recommend in your home to keep these night crawling, bloodsucking creatures away from you and your family members and pets while you all try to have a good night’s sleep in the privacy and comfort of your own home?

Bed Bug Insecticide Help

I know and am aware of the terrible trauma to our skin and blood vessels at times when we awake to find that as we slept, we have been used as a host for these uninvited bloodsucking guests known as bed bugs. I went on a mission the other day to try and get some bed bug insecticide help and sound advice. I visited my local hardware store and enlisted the help of one of their managers and asked him for his frank and sound advice on whether bed bug insecticide really exists and, more importantly, whether it works.

I was pleasantly surprised, not to mention relieved, when he asked me to follow him to the tidily arranged shelves laden with bottles upon bottles of different types of insecticide.

I was especially happy when he handed me a bottle of bed bug dust is a powerful insecticide help. He reminded me that I needed to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the label and then added that I should have great success with this product and wished me well and a great night’s sleep to come.

The Key to Bed Bug Removal

Looking to get rid of those horrible little creatures that come and get you in the night? Yeah – they really do exist – but you can find a pretty easy and effective way to get rid of them if you follow a few simple directions.
The first key to successful bed bug removal is understanding what they are and what bed bugs look like. Bed bugs are tiny little black creatures that are about the size of an apple seed. That’s how it will appear to you. They crawl all over the place and generally find you while you’re sleeping. Yes, all those stories that mommy told you about bed bugs biting were true!

The second thing is to understand why they come at you. To put it shortly, they want your blood, and they are willing to crawl long distances to get it. They won’t just take a little bit; they will take three times their body weight. And unfortunately, it normally won’t just be one bug. It’ll be a lot of them. So this can turn into a drastic probably extremely quickly if you aren’t careful!

How do they find you? You have to know how to prevent them from coming if you are serious about your bed bug removal. They find you primarily by the smell of carbon dioxide. Whenever you breathe, you emit carbon dioxide, and it acts as a beacon for bed bugs. So once they smell it, they come right at you. They’ll come from all directions, whatever it takes, to get to you.

The key to removing them is simple. You have to control your area and keep it clean. Wash all of your clothes and sheets in very hot water, and keep things locked up in air-tight containers. Then you should hire a bed bug exterminator to come or get some bed bug spray or other bed bug killer product.

Spray the area once all of your things are stored safely away. Keep in mind, though, that the eggs could still be around – so you generally want to spray a few times per week for two weeks or so. That will make sure that you get all of them!

Once you do this, the bed bug removal is pretty much a done deal. However, you have to understand just how crazy they can get. They can come from anywhere, including pipes, walls, even electrical outlets. They mean business.

Consider getting a bed bug mattress cover to help prevent bed bugs or keep them from returning.

If they simply don’t go away even after spraying, then you should get something that’s more effective. Ultimately you want to get an expert to come into your house and do it for you. It’ll ensure that it’s done properly, and this really isn’t a problem that you want to fool around with. You can wake up some days with tons of bite marks on you.

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Danger: Why Bed Bug Removal Is So Important

Imagine if hundreds of them come to you in the night and suck away three times their body weight? Do you know how much blood you will lose? You can literally lose your health to it and fall ill by the lack of blood. This is a very serious problem and should take some serious consideration. The bed bugs play dirty, so you should too!