poisonous spiders in Texas

Poisonous Spiders In Texas

Texas has two poisonous species of spiders, the brown recluse (Loxosceles reclusa) and the black widow (Latrodectus mactans). These poisonous spider species can be found indoors and outdoors throughout Texas. Black Widow Spiders in Texas You can identify the female black widow by its black color and rounded abdomen. On the underside of the abdomen, …

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spiders attracted to light

Are Spiders Attracted To Light?

Are spiders attracted to light at night? Spiders are not attracted to light at night. But spiders are attracted to insects that are attracted to light. Therefore, light that attracts can indirectly attract spiders, but it isn’t the light but the insects that attract the spider. So, it isn’t the light but the food which …

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Poisonous Spiders In Georgia

Poisonous Spiders In Georgia

Georgia is home to several poisonous spiders. Its warm climate is ideal for poisonous spiders. But of the nearly 40 different species, only a few a poisonous spiders. Fortunately, most of the spiders you find in Georgia are harmless to humans. In fact, if you live in Georgia, you should know that some poisonous spider …

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rodent infestation


Rodent control is your only option if rodents invaded your home. A rodent infestation can be a real nightmare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rodents carry some of the deadliest diseases. Rats have been blamed for spreading the Black Death around Europe in the 14th century. Historians estimated that the fleas …

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potato bug

Are Potato Bugs Dangerous?

Are potato bugs dangerous to dogs? Potato bugs aren’t dangerous to dogs. The colorado beetle or potato bug is a common pest in the United States. Potato is the preferred host of the potato bug, but this pest also will feed on horse-nettle, tomato, eggplant, henbane, pepper, tobacco, ground cherry, buffalobur, nightshade, belladonna, thorn apple, …

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utah black widow spider

Poisonous Spiders In Utah

Of Utah’s poisonous spiders, the Black Widow is the most dangerous. All other spiders in Utah, even poisonous spiders, should be tolerated outdoors. You can reduce the presence of indoor spiders with strategic spider control methods. Ideally, spiders should be captured and released when found inside your home. Are there poisonous spiders in Utah? There …

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skunk climb fences

Can Skunks Climb Fences?

Some skunks can climb fences, but they are not the most skilled fence climbers. A skunk may look like an animal that could climb a fence. But skunks aren’t proficient fence climbers. They have short legs and clawed paws, which help them climb, but not enough to make them expert climbers. But the question is: …

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